: Come together (right now)

A friend of mine introduced me to Kiva years ago.  Since then, I’ve been an active member and try to spread the word about this wonderful organization as much as I can, so I had to make a post about it.

What is Kiva? It is an international non profit organization that gives people the opportunity to give other people opportunities.  That’s in my own words.

In THEIR own words, Kiva is “a mission to connect people through lending to alleviate poverty”.  That’s right.  Lending.  It’s not “charity” per se, because you’re going to get your money back eventually.

Here’s how it works:

A borrower (or a group of borrowers sharing a common vision) from anywhere in the world (mostly from countries that are not very wealthy) comes up with a project.  It could be anything from establishing a new business or growing one that is already in place, paying for their children’s education, getting clean water for their village, building shelters, etc…  For that, they need money and that’s where you, the lender, come forward, pick a project you are drawn to, and basically finance it with other Kiva lenders.

Everyone pitches in 25$, boom!, the project gets financed, you forget about it and go about your merry life and a few months later (depending on the borrower’s refunding plan), you get your money back and you get to do it aaaall over again with that very same initial investment of 25$.

Over and over and over again..

On top of this, every single penny you give goes towards a loan for someone who asked for one, and the borrowers do not have to pay fees or interest on the money they borrow.  Kiva covers its expenses with voluntary donations, fondations and other supporters.

Also, at any given time, you can decide to retrieve your money from Kiva and have it refunded to you or give it as a donation to Kiva to use where it’s needed.

To me, the fact that such a small and simple gesture helps the world become a better place, and potentially changes lives for the better, gives opportunity to women in countries where they have none, empowers young people, fights poverty , makes dreams come true and brings people around the world together is a miracle and something everybody should know about.

So there.  Now you know.


Aramis xx


Love is in the water,
Love is in the air.
Show me where to look,
Tell me will love be there?
Will love be there?

Teach me how to speak,
Teach me how to share.
Teach me where to go,
Tell me will love be there?
Love be there?

Shine by Collective Soul